Homage to Coleridge

(Homard à Colerad)



Albert Ross

perched on a pinnacle

pierced the pie in the sky

with his piquèd beak

outseeing eye.


O mariner

which marinate

the herring do

the wedding guest

who came too late

the groggy groom

who came too soon

the broody bride

the dewy doom

say who

are the wild waves wooing?


O shrink

the shriving boards

and sheathe

the glistening scale

of crab and snail

of snowy whale

and rusted cans of vanished ale

the salt encrusted sperm.


Who fears thy fang

the mermaids sang

to do the doe who did the same

to doe the did the same who do

they made her Queen!—

Miss Upper Seeweedia

from the lower depths.



Becrowned insceptered

And conthroned

She stoppeth one of three


While Albert Ross

With leaden thunk

Kaplunketh to the sea.