The Disputation

(For the painter Max Weber 1881-1961)



Time shall annihilate space

Said my friend the Zaddik

Contemporary of God

We exist in time

And space is but time’s attribute

Time fills all the cavities

The caves and crevices of space

Flows out beyond the tiers

The plies the folds of space

Advancing toward eternity

Where space is abrogate

Is cancelled

Null and void.


Said my other friend

The other Zaddik

You mistake the nature of eternity

For space and time are one

As He is One

The Lord acknowledged One

His name is One

What part of one

Annihilates one’s other part?

One is integer

One only is

Partless inseparable

Existent perpetual.


My first friend spoke again

The other then replied

And so it went

Until the Seraphim appeared

Exist in time

Exist in space

Exist in peace

They sang

In Sabbath peace

Consecrated bride and queen

With Sabbath loaves

By Sabbath light

Speak blessings over

Bread and wine

Sing peace.